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Start taking control of your energy costs today with the help of Argyle Energy. 

Whether you want to reduce your energy prices, reduce your energy consumption or meet environmental legislation, then Argyle Energy are able to provide a quality service to meet your needs.

Argyle Energy

Energy, Environmental, Water & Waste Specialists 

Specialists in the provision and implementation of energy solutions, ranging from utility procurement expertise, such as electricity, gas, oil, LPG and water, to bill validation, monitoring and targeting, energy cost reduction audits, environmental compliance and renewable energy solutions.


Energy Procurement

Let us apply our expertise and understanding in buying energy to obtain the best possible terms for your business.

Environmental Compliance

Argyle Energy provides advice and guide to companies through environmental compliance and management issues.

Energy cost reduction

Within our Energy Solutions Service we can support you with Energy efficiency, environmental compliance, renewal energy and metering solutions.

Bureau & Data Services

Within our Energy Bureau Service we can support you with energy management including monitoring and targeting, bill validation and market intelligence.

Scottish Churches Utility Group

Benefits from the groups purchasing power and our in-depth experience to maximise leverage

What We Do

We specialise in face to face energy management advice to individuals and businesses.  We provide reliable and expert advice for those seeking to minimise their energy spend, manage the cash flow and protect against financial risk.

We offer a range of services, where we can support you with:

Whatever your business energy position, Argyle Energy provides reliable and professional advice designed to suit your circumstances and strategic needs.  Our first priority will be to understand the energy details of your business.  Getting to know each other in this way builds trust and helps us to establish a long term relationship with you.  We will discuss the level of any ongoing service you would like to ensure what ever decisions you  make remain appropriate and continue to meet your objectives.  Whatever your requirements Argyle Energy will do its best to satisfy them and will agree at the outset with you what you can expect from us.

Case Studies

Industrial Process Company – Energy audit

An energy audit conducted on one of our clients, a major food processing company has identified measures able to more than halve its energy usage annually. The audit indicated that…Read More

Electricity, Gas and Water Procurement

Factoring agent – Multi-site Electricity, Gas and Water Procurement

With multiple energy suppliers and lacking a single energy reporting solution, the team at this company were finding it increasingly difficult to understand their energy position, resulting in incomplete site…Read More

Football Club – Water cost reduction programme

Football Club – Water cost reduction programme

This company appointed Argyle Energy to handle their water supply contracts, following some unexpectedly high invoices from their previous provider as a result of inaccuracies in their billing process. Unhappy…Read More

Hotel Group – Energy Cost Savings and Reductions with ESOS

Hotel Group – Energy Cost Savings and Reductions with ESOS

Like many multi-site companies, this Hotels Group has a complex portfolio, with properties across multiple locations and was finding it difficult to identify energy cost savings and reductions across all…Read More

About Us

Argyle Energy specialise in the provision and implementation of energy solutions.


Argyle Energy
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