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Energy cost reduction

Within our Energy Solutions Service we can support you with Energy efficiency, environmental compliance, renewal energy and metering solutions.

Energy Efficiency

Reducing your businesses energy consumption is one of the biggest opportunities to cut costs and lower your environmental impact.  At the heart of our business is a breath of experience and understanding of the energy and environmental issues organisations face, ranging from the need to comply with ever changing legislation, energy efficiency requirements through energy audits and pressures for carbon reduction commitments.

We can visit your premises and carry out audits into:

  • Carbon management and carbon footprint assessments
  • Energy efficiency of business operations and activities;
  • Water cost analysis
  • Energy usage monitoring

We also provide staff training and awareness energy seminars.

Renewable Energy

Argyle Energy services cover all technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of renewable projects ranging from small scale hydro and wind farms and solar options to biomass and ground water and geothermal solutions. Our contribution ranges from feasibility investigation to project management and assistance with implementation on our clients behalf. Whatever your renewable energy project or idea, let us help you ensure you make the right decision for your business.

Metering Solutions

Having the right meter and being able to interpret the data it collects has become increasingly important in the drive to reduce costs and minimise energy usage. The installation of electronic smart meters with AMR’s (Automated Meter Reading) enables businesses to eradicate estimated utility bills.

Organizing and coordinating meter installations can be time consuming. We can do all the hard work for you by managing the installation process for you.

About Us

Argyle Energy specialise in the provision and implementation of energy solutions.


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