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Unless you get your water from ground or surface water, you are likely to pay for a mains water supply.  Like other utilities such as electricity and gas, mains water supply, sewerage and drainage charges can be a significant expense. If you are one of the 130,000 business customers in Scotland receiving water and sewerage services, you can choose your supplier, however big or small your business, and wherever you are located.

Argyle Energy ensures that supplies are tendered widely to achieve the best possible market price and contractual terms.  We have a large portfolio of clients and are able to arrange single supply agreements through to multi-site portfolios.

There are also non-financial benefits of using water efficiently.  Suppliers and customers are increasingly environmentally conscious, demanding that businesses use natural resources sustainably.  By demonstrating your water efficiency you can attract and retain customers and employees. You can also create interest from investors, stakeholders and the media by showing that your business is well managed.

Areas that we will review to ensure your costs are minimised include:

No matter how simple or complex your portfolio, we can tailor our services to your individual requirements.

About Us

Argyle Energy specialise in the provision and implementation of energy solutions.


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